Strathmore Square Dance

How-To Square Dance
1.  Live demonstration of square dance calls:  Video Square Dance Lessons
2.  Animations of square dance calls:  
Animated Square Dance Calls
3.  More animations of square dance calls:  

4.  Example of square dancing to "patter" (calls only, no singing):  Tech Squares, M.I.T.

5.  Example of square dancing to a "singer":  Tech Squares, M.I.T.

Regional Square & Round Dance Sites
1.  Calgary Square & Round Dancers Association:
2.  Central Alberta Dancing:
3.  Red Deer Square Dance Club:
4.  Edmonton & District Square Dance Association (site contains on-line newsletter "Edmonton Promenader": 
5.  Alberta Square Dance Jamboree:
6.  Alberta Dance Convention:  

Provincial Square & Round Dance Sites
1.  Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation:
2.  British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation:
3.  Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation:
4.  Manitoba Square & Round Dance Federation:
5.  Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation:
6.  Quebec Square & Round Dance Clubs:
7.  Square & Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia:
8.  New Brunswick Federation of Dance Clubs:

National & International Square & Round Dance Sites
1.  Canadian Square & Round Dance Society:
2.  International Association of Square Dance Callers (CALLERLAB):
3.  International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc. (RoundALab):
4.  Square Dance Resource Net:
5.  Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square Dance (promotion site):

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