Strathmore Square Dance

Our dance instructors, Dave & Claudia Littlefair started dancing with us in 1994.  Dave began training as a square dance caller in 2005, and was hired by our Club in 2008. They also teach in Calgary, and call for private functions such as staff parties, weddings, birthdays, and other special events.

In addition to square dancing, we offer basic instruction in two-step and waltz. Because couples dance in a large circle around the dance floor, we refer to couple dancing as round dancing.  Claudia is our 'round dance' instructor and she began her training in 2008.  Round Dance is also known as Choreographed or Cued Ballroom Dancing.  For more information go to:

About Us

Our Mission is Simple:  Dance for FUN!

We are a friendly group of active people, all ages and backgrounds, who enjoy dancing, music and having fun. Wheatland Whirlers Square & Round Dance Club was started in 1974 in Strathmore, Alberta, as a not-for-profit, recreational club. We are one of eight Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) clubs in Calgary and area, and there are many similar clubs throughout Alberta, Canada, United States, and globally.

We meet every Wednesday at Strathmore's Westmount School Gym, 220 Wheatland Trail, from 7 - 9:30 pm, for dancing and light refreshments. We host several theme dances through the year, and other events like a Christmas party and summer BBQ. We welcome new dancers any time throughout our dance season, October to April - no experience and no partner needed!

Our Logo

Our logo was developed by past club member, Gwen Lausen. The four sets of WW's around

the logo represent our name, Wheatland Whirlers Square & Round Dance Club, as well

as the eight pairs of dancers' feet in a square. The wheat is symbolic of our area, Wheatland

County, and the square,circle and couple represent our favorite recreation - square and round